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Mattress Cleaning Services at Port Washington

It is vital that you keep your mattresses hygienic and clean every day. After all, it is where we spend most of our night to catch up on most of our energy to take us through the next day.

On average, people spend over 8-13 hours on their mattress. If not taken care of, dust particles can accumulate within the mattress. Most people are not aware of this but bed linens attract dust particles.

At Port Washington Carpet Cleaning Pros, we let our customers know about the importance of a clean mattress. It keeps health problems away and maintains hygiene.

Dust mites are one of the pests that can find their way through mattresses. They grow in the major places where our body rests including furniture, blankets, mattresses, pillows, and carpets. Such pests cause allergies like eye infections, asthma, and sometimes bronchitis.

Mites usually survive because they live on the dead cells that are present on us. Each day, we shed over thousands of dead cells.

Mites feed of these and continue to increase their growth on the mattress, and without proper cleaning assistance, they would surely increase.

We Use State of the Art Cleaning Equipment’s

The use of a simple vacuum will not help you in the task of getting rid of bed bugs, odors, stains and dust mites. As a fact, you might end up spreading more of them to other rooms of your home. The good news for you is that we at Port Washington Carpet Cleaning Pros make use of organic solutions, and special equipment’s that spray disinfectants deep within the mattress. Our chemicals are environmentally safe but do their job to eliminate the growth of bugs, mites, or the smell of bad odors.

We first begin the process by using chemical solutions to eliminate bacteria. Once the dirt particles loosen up, we use modern vacuums that suck out every single bit of dirt and mites in your mattress. We then sterilize the mattress with a disinfectant.

We continue to spray so that the bacteria dies off. The spray contains repellents that kill mites, but the smell will not affect you in any way. Sometimes, sprays come with strong chemical smells that can cause allergies; however, we assure you that we use safe products and your children and pets will not have any allergic reactions and soon you can sleep on your bed once again without the fear of bug bites, and mite infestations.

At Port Washington Carpet Cleaning Pros, we know the value for money; this is why we deliver 100% satisfactory services.

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