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Rug Cleaning Services in Port Washington

Most homeowners use rugs to decorate their rooms. Just like carpets, rugs also provide numerous benefits for homes. They add a classy, comfortable, and vibrant touch to interiors of homes. They provide warmth for legs and feet during winter, and serve as the ideal places where children can sit to play. Yes, they add a unique touch to homes, but like most carpets, rugs face constant feet traffic, resulting in spills, dirt, and accumulation of other materials.

Calling in professionals will not only enhance their appearance, but it will also get rid of stains, dirt, odors and extend their life. Periodic cleaning of rugs will leave them fragrances, clean and neat. At Port Washington Carpet Cleaning Pros, we offer convenient rug cleaning methods that will thoroughly protect and clean your rugs. Our skilled cleaners use latest equipment’s and techniques to clean rugs, ensuring that your home remains neat and beautiful at all times.

Methods of Rug Cleaning We offer

Depending on the type of rug you have, our professionals will use different methods of rug cleaning. Here are the common types of methods we use for rug cleaning:

Foam Cleaning: this method is more about the use of less water. We use a cleaning foam, apply it to the rug, and work on it with a sponge. The foam dries in a unique way that the product for cleaning can easily get off the carpet with a vacuum.

Shampoo Method: in this method, use organic products that work like shampoos. We apply it to the carpets and use a rotary brush to clean the carpet. The shampoo traps dirt and soil particles and a vacuum can clean it.

Hot Water Extraction: this is one of the most effective rug cleaning methods. We apply a hot water solution or cleaner to rugs and let it dry partially with the use of suction hoses. We then use a cleaning unit to clean the rugs.

We specialize in the cleaning of any type of rug. All you have to do is hire our professionals and we will visit your place to inspect the cleaning required. Our professionals will spend their time to clean your rugs. However, if you are the sort that has a hectic schedule, we offer the option of letting us take the rugs and clean it at our place. Once the cleaning process is over, we will return the rug back at your place within a short time.

Rug Types We Clean

No matter the shape, size, at Port Washington Carpet Cleaning Pros, the types of rugs we clean are:

  Polyester blends
  Wool blends
  Machine made
  Handmade, etc.

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